Emergency Management

The City has created this page to keep its residents informed in the event of an emergency.
*In the event of an actual emergency local residents can refer to this page for official updates or contact the Citizens Information Center at 561-982-4900

CodeRED - Emergency Messaging System

All citizens are encouraged to sign up for the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. CodeRED allows officials to deliver prerecorded telephone notification/information about natural disasters and other emergencies such as: Drinking water contamination, bomb threats, and other life-threatening situations. Click here to sign up for CodeRED

Get Prepared
Being a coastal community in South Florida, the City of Boca is vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes. One of nature's most powerful forces, bringing destructive winds, tornadoes, and floods from torrential rains and ocean storm surges. In recent years, advances in how we predict and track these storms have improved preparedness and saved lives, but people living in hurricane-prone areas still must be prepared.

Hurricane Information
Hurricane Preparedness Video
Develop a Plan
Create a Disaster Supply Kit
Storm Resources, Updates and Assistance
*Pick up your FREE hurricane magnet at City Hall, community centers or one of our libraries.

Emergency Preparedness for Residents at Risk
Click here for emergency preparedness instructions for those residents with health risks or disabilities. Following these simple steps will help keep you ahead of the storm. Additionally, information for Palm Beach County's Cold Weather Shelter, for persons needing a place to keep warm when weather conditions drastically change.