Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Infographic with gears showing City goals

2019-2020 Strategic Plan

The City Council and members of the City’s Executive Leadership team met on Thursday and Friday, April 11 and 12, 2019, to discuss the vision for the City and develop strategic goals for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. With the guidance of Doug Thomas, a facilitator from Strategic Government Resources, elected officials and staff discussed challenges, opportunities, issues and projects and then determined policy actions for the upcoming fiscal year. Members of the public were invited each day to provide comments and suggestions.

Video of the Strategic Planning Workshops is available on the City website.

  • Due to COVID-19, strategic planning sessions that were originally scheduled for spring of 2020 have been postponed until further notice while the City continues with recovery efforts.

View the links below for an update on the progress made on the goals from the 2019-2020 Strategic Plan:

View the 2019-2020 Strategic Plan by clicking on the image below.

2019-2020 Strategic Plan Brief (PDF)

first page of the City of Boca Raton's 2019-2020 Strategic Plan Brief showing the Mission, Vision

2019-2020 Strategic Plan (PDF)

screenshot of the fiscal year 2019-2020 city of boca raton strategic plan

Mission bulletMission

To responsibly provide outstanding services to enhance our unique quality of life.

vision bulletVision

Boca Raton - a beautiful, prosperous, safe and vibrant coastal community.

goals bulletGoals

  1. 1. Financially Sound City
    2. World Class Municipal Services
    3. Strong Partnership with the Community
    4. Vibrant and Sustainable City