Boards and Committees

Several City of Boca Raton boards and committees work with our Development Services department. Please visit our City Clerk's Boards and Committee pages for more information or to apply to be a member.

  • Affordable Housing Advisory Committee was created to advise City Council and City staff regarding the local comprehensive plan; establishes policies, procedures, ordinances, and land development regulations and recommends potential actions or initiatives to encourage or facilitate affordable housing.
  • Builders' Board of Adjustment & Appeals Upon appeal by a petitioner, the Builders' Board may grant a variance from the building code, in any particular case when enforcement would be contrary to the spirit and purpose of the building codes or public interest.
  • Community Appearance Board reviews plans of exterior alterations of buildings, other than single-family homes, to ensure conformity with established standards.  Signs, billboards and landscaping come under close scrutiny by this Board to ensure the aesthetical quality of the City. View Applicant Information
  • Downtown Boca Raton Advisory Committee provides input and recommendations to the City Council and the Community Redevelopment Agency regarding the present and future redevelopment of downtown Boca Raton.
  • Education Task Force reviews the status of City public school facility capacity, construction and renovation and reports their findings and recommendations to the City Council.
  • Environmental Advisory Board provides advice to the Planning & Zoning Board and to the City Council on the environmental impact of proposed development, including public works, within the City's jurisdiction, and recommends ways in which adverse environmental impacts might be minimized.
  • Historic Preservation Board promotes the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the City through the preservation and protection of sites and districts of historic interest. The Board also strives to preserve and protect the significant architectural phases of the community.
  • Planning & Zoning Board monitors and oversees the effectiveness of the Comprehensive Plan.

Additionally, Development Services works with a Special Magistrate who conducts hearings related to enforcement of various fire, building, zoning, sign and other codes of the City, in order to protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizenry.