Sign Information

On May 27, 2020, the City of Boca Raton City Council adopted an ordinance repealing and replacing the City’s Sign Code. While the new Sign Code includes many changes from the prior Sign Code, some changes to the regulation of temporary signs may be of particular interest.

Temporary signs are generally limited to display for no more than 45 days in any consecutive 365-day period” (except as specifically authorized). However, this 45-day limitation is not applicable during the 45-day period preceding any Election Day in the City, which period is therefore in addition to the 45 days otherwise allowed in a 365-day period.

Also, you should be aware that the new Sign Code provides that for temporary real estate signs, no support posts or decorative elements shall extend above or to the sides of the sign face, and only support posts (and no decorative elements) shall be below the sign face.

The new Sign Code also prohibits the use of “V-shaped” temporary signs, which have sometimes been used for real estate signs and similar purposes. 

V sign

Finally, the new Sign Code allows for the display of a temporary banner by commercial tenants, no greater than 32 square feet or the size of an allowable permanent sign (whichever is less), during the time that a permit application for a permanent tenant sign is in the review process.

As you may be aware, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City has taken a more relaxed approach to the regulation of commercial signage. However, the City will resume a more rigorous approach to enforcement of its sign regulations, including those noted above, beginning in approximately March 2022. As such, please review your property’s(ies’) compliance with the Sign Code, including but not limited to the changes mentioned above.

The City’s Sign Code can be accessed in full online.