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Welcome to the Office of Sustainability

The City of Boca continues to be a leader in community sustainability and environmental stewardship at the local, state and even the national level. The Mayor and City Council are committed to conserving energy, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas production, conserving water resources, preserving environmentally sensitive lands, protecting native wildlife and providing educational programs.

Sustainability continues to be a significant part of many City projects and programs and the City is working on embedding sustainability in everything it does. The pages found here highlight many of the City’s sustainable projects, programs, and events. To keep up on what's new with sustainability, sign up for the quarterly sustainability newsletter.

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  1. Energy Efficiency News Flash

    Energy Efficiency for Boca Homes

    Check out the steps to save energy (and money!) at your home. Additional Info...
  2. Beach Restoration News Flash

    Red Reef & South Beach Ecological Restoration

    Read about the multi-year management plan to enhance the resiliency and biological diversity of the City’s beach parks. Additional Info...
  3. Recycle Coach - Recycle Right

    Recycle Right with the City's NEW App

    Download the app and get started today! Additional Info...
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