Current and Upcoming Road & Municipal Projects

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  1. El Rio Trail Crosswalk at Spanish River Blvd

The El Rio Trail crosswalk on Spanish River Boulevard has been relocated. Detours for pedestrian and bike traffic is routed east on Spanish River Boulevard to NW 6th Avenue to cross. Please make sure to push the button at the intersection to activate the crossing light.

New El Rio Trail path on Spanish River Blvd

  1. Why was the crosswalk for the El Rio Trail at Spanish River Boulevard moved?

Since the opening of I-95/FAU interchange on Spanish River Boulevard, the City has received numerous citizen concerns regarding pedestrian/bicyclist movement on the El Rio Trail crossing Spanish River Boulevard. The new connection to I-95 has increased traffic volumes on Spanish River Boulevard and put the crosswalk closer to a signalized intersection. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) added rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) at this crosswalk to improve vehicular traffic that should yield to pedestrians and bicyclists. RRFBs alone were observed to not be effective enough at this location and had vehicular yielding rates under 50%. The City and its related stakeholders (FDOT and Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency) are currently evaluating long-term solutions to address this concern. In the interim, as an immediate safety precaution, the City relocated the crosswalk to NW 6th Way to provide a crossing on Spanish River Boulevard at the closest signalized intersection. 

  1. Was the old crosswalk connecting El Rio Trail a protected crosswalk?

No, the old crosswalk was unsignalized and an unprotected crosswalk. RRFBs are not traffic control devices but rather a pedestrian-actuated device to enhance crossing notification. 

  1. Is the newly installed crosswalk at NW 6th Way a protected crosswalk?

Yes, the newly installed crosswalk at NW 6th Way is a protected crosswalk with an exclusive traffic phase for pedestrian and bike traffic. It the safest form of crossing a roadway. In addition, signal timing has been designed to provide a priority to pedestrians/bicyclists crossing at this location. This means that the crossing phase will be ON within approximately 20 to 25 seconds from the time pedestrians/bicyclists push the button to cross.   

  1.   The signs and push buttons seem to be on the wrong side, why?

Pedestrian pushbuttons and signal heads at the new crosswalk are installed in accordance with the latest National and State guidelines. 

  1. Are there any plans to widen the sidewalks on Spanish River Boulevard or change the crossing for the El Rio Trail on Spanish River Boulevard?

The City is currently evaluating the sidewalk width as well as options for crossing Spanish River Boulevard to enhance pedestrian/bicycle mobility.

  1. Are there any signs to aid users on the El Rio Trail to safely cross at the new crosswalk on NW 6th Way?

Yes, signage has been provided to detour pedestrians/bicyclists on the El Rio Trail to cross at the new crosswalk. The City is actively monitoring this location and may add additional signs as determined necessary. 

  1. How long will this El Rio Trail crossing detour be in place at Spanish River Boulevard?

A revised crossing is currently in the evaluation phase. If a viable improvement is selected, it could take 3 – 5 years to go from concepts to construction.

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