Climate Resiliency

Climate Change in the City of Boca Raton

Climate Change is a global environmental, economic, and social problem that can be tackled in part through local actions. Actions on Climate Change fall in to two main categories:

Mitigation: Reducing the root causes of climate change, namely emissions of greenhouse gases, to both slow the rate and reduce the impact of changes.

Adaptation: Investing in infrastructure, technology, and behavior changes that allow individuals, economies, and communities to adjust to the different conditions caused by climate change.

City of Boca Raton Climate Mitigation Actions

City of Boca Raton Adaptation Actions

  • The City of Boca Raton is conducting a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA) in order to develop an adaptation plan. The CCVA is a project of a regional collaboration called the Southern Palm Beach County Coastal Resilience Partnership (CRP).
  • Learn about sea level rise and your individual flood risk on our sea level rise resource page.

For more information on climate change: