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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, City facilities have been closed, and City services are limited due to limited staff. At this time, the City will accept Preliminary Advisory Review (PAR) applications, but is unable to accept any other new Planning and Zoning applications (including, without limitation, Compliance and Public Works Review). However, City staff is currently formulating procedures that would allow the City to accept such applications, and further information will be provided when such procedures are finalized.

With respect to currently active applications, the City will accept resubmittals made prior to the resubmittal deadline. However, applicants should be on notice that due to limited staff and resources, application processing is likely to take longer than usual.

Website Renovation

In an effort to ensure that the City's website is accessible to everyone, including those who use assistive devices, all documents and forms are being reviewed and updated to meet accessibility standards. More information is available on the Website Renovation page. If you are unable to locate the documents you need, please either fill out a Public Records Request form or call the Development Service's Office at 561-393-7789.

Architects in hard hats looking at blueprints
Ordinance 5421 modify the definition of "Establish Grade" for the purpose of changing the calculation for determining "Height of a Building" and "Established Grade"....
Ordinance 5420
...relating to off-street parking provisions for electric vehicles; amending section 28-1646 to provide for definitions related to electric vehicles; amending section 28-1649, 28-1650, 28-1653, and 28-1655 to provide for electric vehicle off-street parking provisions for multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial use...