Boca National Golf Course (formerly Ocean Breeze)

For updates on the Boca National golf course progress, please see the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District website.

Update: August 28, 2019

The City Council held a special meeting on Tuesday, August 27, to review requests for information on Boca National Golf Course design. Due to concerns over the cost of the proposed new course being developed by the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District (GBRBPD), the City issued a Request for Information (RFI) solely for information and planning purposes. The intent was to explore whether a high quality 18-hole course could be designed and constructed under $8 million dollars.

The City Council reached consensus to make a conceptual offer to the GBRBPD which includes a proposal for the City to design, build and operate an 18-hole golf course on the Ocean Breeze property on the west side of NW 2nd Avenue including a clubhouse, driving range, maintenance facility and complimentary amenities. This City is also willing to consider designing, constructing and operating amenities on the east side of NW 2nd  Avenue.

Details and agreements will have to be discussed at a joint meeting so that the two agencies can continue their commitment and partnership to keeping golf in Boca Raton.  

Update: August 26, 2019

The City received 16 responses that will be reviewed at the special workshop on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 3pm. 

View Boca National Review of Information Responses (PDF).

Update: August 22, 2019

The City of Boca Raton sought out information from professional Golf Course Design and Golf Course Design-Build firms for the proposed design and re-construction of an 18-hole golf course.  Some of the information being sought was direction and ideas regarding the design of the course and an estimation of the costs of the design and construction. 

The golf course is located on the site of the former Ocean Breeze Golf Course, 5800 NW 2nd Avenue, Boca Raton, Florida. This golf course originally consisted of three 9-hole courses (27 holes in total), located on separate parcels of land (for reference, the north, south and east parcels) of approximately 70 acres each.  This golf course ceased operation in 2016.    

The proposed project would include redeveloping the north and south parcels only (located on the west side of NW 2nd Avenue, separated by Jeffrey Street, as shown on the attached map.)  The City is interested to know if the redevelopment of the two parcels to create two 9-hole courses can be designed and constructed for under $8,000,000, so the part of the information requested is a proposed schedule of values for the various design and construction components. (If the design and construction costs are estimated to exceed $8,000,000, please denote which areas contribute to the higher costs.)

The proposed golf course redevelopment should be for a viable golf facility that meets the standards of the City of Boca Raton.  The facility should be an 18-hole golf course with a minimum length of 6,700 yards from the back tees and a par of 72, as well as a putting course, irrigation system, driving range, maintenance facility, golf cart storage facility, minimalist clubhouse, stormwater drainage and on-course restrooms/shelters.

The City received 16 requests for information that will be reviewed at the workshop. 

Please note that this RFI was issued solely for information and planning purposes – it does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP) or an obligation to issue an RFP in the future. This RFI does not commit the City to contract for any supply or service whatsoever. All costs associated with responding to this RFI will be solely at the submitting firm’s expense; the City will not pay for any submitted information or any costs incurred in providing information in response to this RFI.  Not responding to this RFI does not preclude participation in any future RFP, if any is issued. All RFI responses will be public and should not contain any proprietary or confidential information.

View map of former Ocean Breeze Golf Course (PDF)

View printable Request for Information (PDF)

Update: February 13, 2018

At the February 13 City Council meeting, the City Council passed a budget amendment, resolution and ordinance authorizing the issuance of a revenue bond not to exceed $20,000,000 to provide funds on behalf of the Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District for acquisition of the Ocean Breeze property. This property will be used for recreational and related facilities for the benefit of City and District residents.

The District is in the process of hiring and coordinating consultants and contractors to begin the redevelopment of the 27-hole golf course.

Update: January 24, 2018

Resolution 10-2018, the Interlocal Agreement with the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District was adopted and the ordinances pertaining to the City Bond and City Budget Amendment were introduced.

Consideration of the City Bond Ordinance and City Budget Amendment will be considered at the February 13, 2018 City Council Meeting.

Update: January 17, 2018

At the City Council Workshop on January 8, 2018, City staff gave a presentation of the draft interlocal agreement between the City and the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District (GBRBPD) for the financing, terms and conditions relating to the purchase of the Ocean Breeze Golf Course.

On January 16, 2018, the Beach and Park District Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the revised Interlocal Agreement for the Ocean Breeze financing. A signed copy of the agreement will be provided to City Council prior to consideration of the matter at the January 23 regular meeting. The Interlocal Agreement includes the revisions discussed by City Council at the January 8 workshop meeting, as described in the agenda materials for the matter.

At the meeting, the GBRBPD also discussed presentations by the 15 firms that responded to the District’s Request for Proposals for a golf course designer/architect, and determined to open those presentations to the public. District staff advises that the 15 proposals and the RFP document will be posted on the District’s website by January 20th.

The District has scheduled review meetings as follows:

  • January 29, 2018 (Monday) beginning at 5:30 p.m.
  • February 1, 2018 (Thursday) beginning at 5:30 p.m.
  • February 12, 2018 (Monday) beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Each meeting will consider five presentations from the proposers. The exact schedule of the proposers will be determined. The public is welcome to attend the presentations, but public comment will not be taken at these presentations. After the presentations are completed, the public will have an opportunity to comment at a regular District Board meeting prior to the Board’s decision to proceed.

Ocean Breeze Proposals – Received 12-20-17  2:00 pm

  • 1. Arnold Palmer Design Company
  • 2. Dusenberry Golf Course Design, LLC
  • 3. Greg Norman
  • 4. Hills & Forrest
  • 5. Jan Bel Jan
  • 6. Kipp Schultes Golf Design
  • 7. Lehman Design Group
  • 8. McCumber-Wright Venture, LLC
  • 9. Nicklaus Design
  • 10. Price / Fazio II Design Team
  • 11. Rees Jones, Inc.
  • 12. Richard Mandell Golf Architecture
  • 13. Robert Trent Jones
  • 14. Staples Golf
  • 15. Vincent Design

The Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District Acquisition Reports have been removed. Please contact the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District for questions.

The Boca Raton City Council and the Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District are working together to keep golf in Boca Raton with the District's purchase of the Ocean Breeze Golf Course.

Joint Meetings of City Council and Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District

Update: September 26, 2017

On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, the Boca Raton City Council and the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Parks District (GBRBPD) held a third joint public meeting to discuss the 27 hole Ocean Breeze Golf Course located at 5801 NW 2nd Ave. 

View recording of the meeting on September 26, 2017 on the City Agenda page. (scroll to date)

Update: May 8, 2017

On Monday, May 8, 2017, the Boca Raton City Council and the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Parks District (GBRBPD) held a joint public meeting to discuss the now defunct 27 hole Ocean Breeze Golf Course located at 5801 NW Second Avenue. The GBRBPD provided information and a presentation to the City Council and the public about its plans to purchase and renovate the Ocean Breeze Course. The GBRBPD is seeking financing from the City through a bond issue in the amount of 24 million dollars to purchase the property. (As a special district, the GBRBPD is not authorized by state statutes to issue bonds. )

Mayor Susan Haynie requested additional information from the GBRBPD so the Council could make a decision on the amount of funding, but City Council members agreed that they would like to keep the land as a golf course in Boca Raton. The Mayor directed City staff to begin drawing up an interlocal agreement between the agencies.

At a City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 9, the Council again reiterated its interest in partnering with the District to purchase the Golf Course, but indicated they were waiting on additional information before a final decision on the amount could be made. City Manger Leif Ahnell discussed the different bond financing options and the timing of the process.

View recording of the meeting on May 8, 2017 on the City Agenda page. (scroll to date)

The City of Boca Raton is committed to providing access to all individuals seeking information on its website. Video content with closed captioning is available upon request by calling the City Clerk’s office 561-393-7742 or completing this form.