Planning and Zoning Application Information

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Planning and Zoning Application Process

Pre-Application Meeting

In order to apply for any development-related application requiring a development order, a mandatory Pre-Application meeting with staff and the applicant is required. 

To schedule this meeting, please apply for a Pre-application Meeting on Boca eHUB.  At the meeting, a checklist will be furnished to the applicant, signed by a designated staff person and will be required for Planning Advisory Review submittal.

Online Application Submittal

All applications must be submitted online

If you are unable to submit your application online, you may schedule an appointment to have a staff member assist you in person at City Hall, Room 220. To schedule such an appointment contact or 561-393-7789.

Staff will review for completeness and will contact the applicant via email whether the petition is sufficient or if more information is required. Incomplete applications will be processed upon receipt of all required outstanding documents. The submittal will not be routed for plan review until the application is deemed complete. Upon determination that the application is complete, the Development Services Department shall forward a copy of the completed application to all City Departments for preliminary review and comment. Comments shall be provided to the Development Services Department within two weeks. 

All plans and documents require specific naming conventions.

Notice to Submitters:  To ensure clarity, avert potential misunderstandings, and conserve taxpayer funds that might otherwise be expended in litigating unjustified estoppel-related claims, this Notice reaffirms: a party cannot reasonably rely on any aspect of governmental action unless and until the City has taken final action and all applicable appeal periods have expired.   Submission of an application, materials, project narrative, fees, presentation, proposal, request, information or documentation regarding a potential project, as well as any pre-application meetings or preliminary discussions (collectively or individually, a “Submission”) by or on behalf of a party (a “Requester”), and any actions by or on behalf of the City related thereto (including, without limitation, receipt, placement on an agenda, review, comments, input, discussions, directions, meetings, recommendations, evaluations, assessments, analyses, opinions, conclusions, consensus, statements, suggestions, representations, or other communications, whether or not provided to Requester) does not: 

(i) create, or form the basis of, a claim of estoppel, vested rights, detrimental reliance, or entitlement of any type or nature, 

(ii) create a presumption that a Submission is complete or consistent with any City Code, requirement, or policy, or 

(iii) serve as an assurance, guarantee or entitlement that a Submission will be reviewed, processed, or considered at all or in any specific manner (or further reviewed, processed or considered).  

By preparing and/or providing a Submission to the City, Requester: (i) is proceeding at his/her/its own risk, and (ii) bears any and all risk of loss in connection with the Submission or resulting from the denial of the Submission, including without limitation, losses related to time invested, costs incurred, potential opportunities, and resources expended.  Note, based on the specific facts, estoppel rights may not extend to all final actions of the City, and such final actions remain subject to City Council’s authority to revoke, rescind, reverse, repeal, withdraw or annul a prior action.     [Revised October 20, 2023]

Payments are available to be made online through your customer account on Boca eHUB. Please check your dashboard for any open invoices and add to your cart to pay.

Submit here: Boca eHUB

The documents provided in the forms section are to be completed and uploaded along with your online application


If you are unable to locate the documents you need, please either fill out a Public Records Request form or call the Development Service’s Office at 561-393-7789.