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2019 Holidays in the U.S.

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GVRL database
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Research Holidays at the Library
Federal Holidays in the US
Public Holidays in the US
A black and white image of Martin Luther and Corretta Scott King c. 1960s

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - March 21, 2019

A sepia toned photography of an older couple from the late 1800s or early 1900s

"Grandparent Scam"

Learn More about the "grandparent scam" from the links below:
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Trade Commission

​Watch out for calls pretending to be from a family member in distress, like a grandchild - they will ask for bail or other money. Check with a family member first!

Technology & Computer Skills

Coding: What Is It and How Do I Get Started?

 computer screen with html coding @BRPL:


 Beyond Beginners:


Cut the Cord: How-Tos and Information

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Cultural Connections & Language Resources


Where Can I Find ESOL Resources?

 a chalkboard with the words English language hello goodbye


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Learn a Language! Explore a New Culture!

 BRPL has many resources to help you learn a language or explore other cultures.
 Many learn a language book covers form a collage. @BRPL:

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Civic Engagement

 What is Fake News?
 a woman sitting on a couch reading a newspaper with the headline Fake News!


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 Fact Checkers: 

Think Global, Act Local
 A view of Mt. Rushmore

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Social Media & More

 Social Media & Privacy: What Should I Know?
 a close up of a smart phone screen


Boca Raton Public Library classes: Intro to Word Press Blogging

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 Podcasts: Getting Started
 a cell phone, microphone, and keyboard for use in recording a podcast  @ BRPL:

Creating a Podcast:

 Listening to Podcasts:



Discover You: Resources for Better Living


Ancestry & Family History Research

 Curious about your family tree? Check out the resources below to learn more.
 family eating watermelon on the front porch and lawn, 1890  @BRPL:

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Readers' Advisory: Reading Ideas & Tips


Find a Great New Book!

 Check out the links below to discover your next great read!
 a young girl reading a book, glowing light is flowing from the book  @BRPL:

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