Coastal Connection

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What is Coastal Connection?

Coastal Connection is the City's environmental initiative. Boca Raton's location as a coastal community provides many benefits but also offers unique challenges and considerations related to the environmental impact of the actions of Boca's residents, businesses, and visitors. Programs within the Coastal Connection initiative will identify and promote actions and practices which limit environmental impact and increase environmental benefit.

Coastal Connection Restaurant Program

For a restaurant to be recognized in the Coastal Connection program they will have to tackle one main issue impacting our ocean: single use plastics. To be recognized as a Blue or Gold Sea Star restaurant in the Coastal Connection program, a restaurant will have altered their practices and materials to be non-plastic and biodegradable, and will have tackled other issues impacting the coastal environment. Additional actions include addressing energy and water conservation, night friendly lighting, recycling, and sustainable seafood menu items. The restaurants participating as a Blue or Gold Sea Star are not just reducing their own impact, but are also spreading a message of conservation and awareness to their customers and community.

For questions, please contact the Sustainability Manager at or 561-393-7997.

Learn more about the requirements and how to apply on the Restaurant Program page.

Why Coastal Connection?

The City of Boca Raton is located in coastal southeast Florida and boasts five miles of beachfront and extends as far as six miles inland. Whether on the beach or far from the sound of the surf, our coastal location impacts us, and our actions impact the coast. The Coastal Connection program is an environmental initiative of the City of Boca Raton that aims to recognize those who are acknowledging their role in their coastal community and taking actions to both mitigate negative impacts and create positive change.

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