Garage Sale Permits

Ordinance 5470: Garage Sale Permitting & Regulations

Garage Sale Permit Application

Why was it proposed? The ordinance was proposed by staff after many complaints were received about single family residences that were having excessive numbers of garage sales, essentially constituting business operations that were disruptive to the single-family neighborhood.

What does it do? This amendment explains the definition of garage sales and yards sales, requires a simple permit which is free and can be obtained on the City’s website or over the counter, limits the number of garage sales at a residence to four times a year for no more than two consecutive days and limits the hours from 8am - 5pm.

Garage Sale sign on residental mailbox

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Who does it affect?  The ordinance affects homeowners in residential areas.

How to comply:  Homeowners who wish to hold a garage/yard sale can complete and submit the free permit online or apply over the counter. Permits can be issued Monday-Friday with a quick turnaround time of 24 hours for approval. Garage sales cannot be held for more than two consecutive days and can only be operated between the hours of 8 am-5 pm, no more than four times during a year. 

What about signage? One sign is permitted on the premises to direct the public to the garage sale. The sign shall be removed within 24 hours after the scheduled sale ends and placed no more than 24 hours prior.

When is the latest I can submit a permit before the weekend? In order for garage sale permits to be approved in time, homeowners should complete the application before Friday at 4pm. If a permit is received anytime after, the garage sale may not be approved until the next business day.

What if the garage sale gets rained out? For any changes or cancellations, please contact Code Compliance at or 561-393-7934.

How will garage sale permitting be enforced? Code enforcement officials will work with residents to educate and inform first, issuing warnings if necessary. Repeat offenders may receive a direct citation of $150.00 and fees will increase if repeated violation or non-compliance is found.

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