Spanish River Park / Beach Tunnels Art

The Spanish River Park / Beach Tunnels Art was an Art in Public Places Advisory Board project.

The AIPP Advisory Board issued a “Call to Artists” at the beginning of the year looking for muralists to create colorful works of art for beachgoers to enjoy when walking to or from the City beaches. After receiving 20 qualified artist applications from around the world, the AIPP Advisory Board selected the six following artists to participate in the project:

  1. Ivan Roque – NE Tunnel
  2. Gregory Dirr – CW Tunnel
  3. Craig McInnis – NW Tunnel
  4. Peter Agardy – SE Tunnel
  5. Agata Ren – SW Tunnel
  6. Tom D’Auria – CE Tunnel

The artists submitted their final renderings for their assigned tunnels in March and were later approved by the AIPP Advisory Board. The project was split into three phases: Central Tunnels, North Tunnels and South Tunnels. The murals were unveiled while in progress by location from April 2019 – May 2019. The AIPP Advisory Board created a video showing the progression of the projects and featured each of the mural artists to give a better understanding of the stories behind their art. #PublicArtBoca