Sustainability Action Plan

The City of Boca Raton releases new Sustainability Action Plan

At the July 22, 2019 City Council Workshop, the City's Sustainability Manager, Lindsey Nieratka, presented an overview of the Sustainability Action Plan (SAP). Both the City’s Strategic Plan and the Comprehensive plan include general goals and policies related to sustainability.  The SAP serves as a roadmap towards implementing some of those policies through specific action. 

The Sustainability Action Plan sets goals, targets, and actions within seven main focus areas:

  1. Resource Use - Electricity and Water:
  2. Waste
  3. Natural Environment
  4. Built Environment
  5. Transportation
  6. Climate Resiliency
  7. Government

Below is the Sustainability Action Plan and a video of the presentation to Council on July 22.

City of Boca Raton Sustainability Action Plan Target 2025 July 2019 Cover Page


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