Virtual Inspections

virtual inspections

What is a virtual inspection?

A virtual inspection allows a Building Inspector to remotely view the site using a webcam controlled by the property owner or contractor. We are currently using free applications such as Skype and GPS Coordinates to perform inspections.

Is a virtual inspection right for you?

Common virtual inspections are:

  • Residential roof finals
  • Residential A/C change out
  • Water heater change out
  • All other emergency repairs
  • On a case-by-case basis as determined by the Building Official

What do I need to get started?

  • Internet or cellular access
  • Device with a webcam (iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet)
  • Download the Skype and My GPS Coordinates application(Available at the App Store or Google Play)
  • Create a free account (Skype only )
  • Skype name when ready to connect to inspector: brvrinspectionsxx (name will vary with each inspector)
  • Make sure you have both of these icons on your device:

GPS CoordinatesSkype Opens in new window

How do I schedule my virtual inspection?

Scheduling By Phone

•    Call 561-393-7914 and select 1 to schedule
•    Enter the phone access code listed on your permit card and press the pound key (#)
•    Enter your Inspection Code
•    Select the number that corresponds to the date you would like to schedule
•    Hold the line until you receive a confirmation code

Scheduling Online

•    Go to the City of Boca Raton webpage
•    Select the Business tab - then Building Permits
•    Select Schedule Inspection at the bottom of the page.
•    Enter your Permit Number.
•    Select Schedule and choose the date at the bottom
•    Click Complete when done

Tips/Procedures for the day of your video inspection:

  • Please make sure the Contractor or Owner-Builder is present at the job site at least 10 minutes early and ready for the inspector to call.
  • Please be ready to accept a video call during the scheduled time frame assigned.
  • Please make sure you have a flashlight, screwdriver, tape measure, GFCI electrical tester, step ladder, a level, etc.
  • Please make sure your smartphone/tablet is fully charged, with a clean screen and camera.
  • Please turn off all notifications for your device during the video inspection. Notifications can freeze the video and disrupt the inspection and could require it to be re-scheduled.
  • Please keep background noise to a minimum and be ready to respond to instructions from the City inspector. Remember the inspection is not complete until the City inspector has verified all the work and is satisfied the installation meets the requirements of the Florida Building Code.
  • Once the inspection is complete the City inspector will tell you the results.
  • The results will be uploaded to the inspection database within 30 minutes of completion.

 Note: If the inspection does not pass, the inspector is not authorized to wait online while the installation is being fixed or corrections made. A new inspection will be required.

Need Assistance?

Feel free to contact the Building Department at 561-393-7930 or email us at