Public Bid Openings (I.T.B.)






  •                 Intent.

The intent of these emergency Purchasing Division Virtual Public Meeting procedures (“Procedures”) is to ensure that, during a declared Federal, State, County, or Municipal emergency (“Declared Emergencies”) the Purchasing Division still has meetings, when necessary, to conduct official business in accordance with Florida Statutes and/or to meet requirements of the Procurement Code of the City of Boca Raton. It is the intent of the City to provide an equitable and efficient method to provide public access to all matters that are to be addressed through public meetings (“Proceedings”).

  •                 Applicability.

These Procedures shall be utilized only during Declared Emergencies.

  •                 Definitions.

The following words, terms and phrases, when used in these emergency procedures, and notwithstanding any other definitions in the City Code, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section.

Attendees.  shall mean members of the general public who wish to view Proceedings via Communications Media Technology.

Notice.  Notice requirements as contained in Florida Statutes and the City Code of ordinances shall apply to the Virtual Public Meeting. Any notice of a meeting, and any agenda for such meeting, to be conducted as a Virtual Public Meeting, shall include a reference to the Virtual Public Meeting Procedures for information on the method to view the Virtual Public Meeting.

Official file.  All written communication received by Staff (from any source) concerning any matter on a Virtual Public Meeting Agenda shall be filed in the record of the Meeting, which shall be maintained by Staff.

Virtual Public Meeting Procedures and Technical Information for CMT Meetings.  The technical information for CMT Meetings (utilizing the Go To Meeting platform) as detailed below, and a copy of these Virtual Public Meeting Procedures shall be posted on the City website.

  •                 General Procedures.

Virtual Public Meeting (or Meeting).  The Virtual Public Meeting shall be held through the use of Communication Media Technology (electronic transmission of printed material, audio, full-motion video, freeze-frame video, compressed video, and digital video by any method available, as provided in Section 120.54(5)(b)(2), Florida Statutes), which is accessible to all Attendees to the extent technologically practicable.

Attendance.  The Purchasing Division will make its best efforts to take attendance at all meetings or events held pursuant to these Procedures, to the extent technologically practicable through the CMT.

In the event the City’s CMT malfunctions during the Virtual Public Meeting, the Purchasing Division shall use its best efforts to address the malfunction and, if the meeting is continued to a specific date and time, or rescheduled, to provide notice as to the date and time of the continuation of the Virtual Public Meeting. Malfunction of an individual’s CMT equipment, including, but not limited to computer and/or telephone, shall not require continuation of the Virtual Public Meeting, provided the Purchasing Division Communication Media Technology Equipment continues to function.

  •                 Technical Information for CMT Meetings.

The notice of virtual public meeting will provide that instructions, as detailed below for accessing the meeting using communications media technology and will be available on the City’s website.

Public Bid Openings – Attendees may view and/or listen to the opening of the bids but may not participate or provide comments/questions.

  •                 Technical Information for Communication Media Technology.

Mute:  Attendees will be automatically placed in Listen Only (mute) mode during the meeting.  The meeting organizer (Staff) will control mute/unmute.

Live Video: Attendees will have their video capabilities automatically placed on off mode.

Attendance:  In order to keep a log with attendance, we are asking everyone to type your name and the name of the supplier/contractor you represent under the chat feature.

First Time Using Go To Meeting:  Get the App in advance by clicking on the link provided below.

Go To Meeting Invitation:

Invitation links and meeting access code is identified in each Invitation to Bid (I.T.B.) Bid Opportunity at the following link: