Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA)

The Final Report is Now Available!

The Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Executive Summary and Final Report are now available on the Coastal Resilience Partnership website. 

Watch the City Council Workshop presentation.

What is the Coastal Resilience Partnership?

The Coastal Resilience Partnership of Southeast Palm Beach County is made up of the County and seven municipalities for the purpose of addressing the shared challenges presented by climate change. The first major project the CRP is undertaking is a regional CCVA. For more information about the CRP and the CCVA, visit the project’s page at

the Coastal Resilience Partnership of Southeast Palm Beach County

Adaptation for All

The Coastal Resilience Partnership was featured in the American Flood Coalition's Adaptation for All guide

Watch Lindsey Nieratka, the City's Sustainability manager, discuss the CRP as it relates to the Adaptation for All guide at the Amsterdam International Water Web.

Climate Change Webinar

Click the image below to hear the CRP and The CLEO Institute share basic climate science and answer questions about the regional CCVA in this webinar from June 4, 2020.

Climate Change and You: Local Solutions to Global Challenges, Free Webinar with Southern PB County C Opens in new window