COVID-19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

All appointments for Friday, January 15 have been booked. No new appointments can be accepted until future vaccine allocations are received. Thank you for your continued patience. We will provide information about any new vaccine opportunities as they are received.

The Citizens Information Center (CIC) will be open until 5pm today at 561-982-4900.

The Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County (FDOH) will provide a small number of COVID-19 Moderna vaccine doses to Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services for administration to Boca Raton residents ages 65 and older this Friday, January 15, 2021.

Qualifying individuals interested in making appointments to receive the vaccine will be able to register starting at 12pm on Thursday, January 14, 2021. Registration will close after 200 appointments are made on a first come, first registered basis. Successful registrants will receive a confirmation email with the time, location and general information about their appointment.

Registrants will need to complete the appointment form to choose an appointment time for Friday, January 15, 2021. Identifying information including proof of age and Boca Raton residency must be brought to the appointment.

Important Information

  • The appointment link will not be active before 12pm on January 14, 2021
  • Once 200 appointments have been made, no more will be accepted unless and until more vaccine doses become available
  • Do not make an appointment if you currently have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Vaccines will not be administered without an appointment, and the link is the only method to make an appointment
  • Registrants must be 65 or older and must bring valid photo identification with them to the appointment (Driver's License, State ID)
  • Registrants must bring proof of residency and must be located within the City Limits of Boca Raton (Utility Bill, Driver's License, etc.)
  • Individuals without an appointment and proof of residency and age will be turned away
  • A caregiver may accompany a registrant to the appointment
  • Any questions about the vaccine should be addressed to your individual healthcare provider
  • There is no cost for this vaccine
  • Successful registrants will be notified about the second dose of the vaccine
  • Appointments cannot be transferred or rescheduled

*A Boca Raton address does not mean you live in the City limits. Please check the City Limits map or the Palm Beach County Property Appraisers website.

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