Beach Sustainability

  1. 4ocean Beach Recycling

Update: July 2021

Following a strong opening four months that resulted in 2,600 pounds of plastic waste being disposed of from City beaches, 4ocean collected an additional 3,285 pounds of plastic waste for the months of April, May and June. By month, the amount of debris collected was:

  • April 2021 - 1,213 pounds
  • May 2021 - 1,122 pounds
  • June 2021 - 950 pounds

of the 3,285 pounds of plastic waste collected, 79.07% of that waste was recyclable. The most common recyclable item was plastic bottles, while the most common non-recyclable item was plastic bags.

Update: April 2021 - 2,600 Pounds of Recyclable Waste Removed from City Beaches

Starting December 2020, 4ocean placed 9 large, branded recycling bins at four City beach locations. With the help of beachgoers, 2,600 pounds of plastic waste was disposed of from City beaches in fourth months. 85% of that waste was recycled, with the most common items being single-use plastics, and the most common non-recyclable items being wrappers and plastic bags.

City Partners with 4ocean for Beach Recycling Effort

In an effort to keep Boca’s beaches clean and free of debris and plastics, the City is partnering with Boca Raton-based 4ocean on a 6-month pilot program to increase recycling efforts at City beaches. 

4ocean is a Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis by cleaning the ocean and coastlines and stopping the inflow of plastic by changing consumption habits. 

Beginning this month, 4ocean will empty and sort 9 large recycling bins placed on Boca beaches. Residents and visitors can look for the large, blue recycling cans at:

  • South Beach Beach Park    
  • Red Reef Park    
  • Three Spanish River Park tunnels     
  • Silver Palm Park. 

Recycle bin collections will take place three times each week and the items will be sorted in the 4ocean warehouse for contamination. Information about top recyclable items and top contamination issues will be provided to the City, and additional public information will be distributed to help inform residents and visitors about better recycling habits.

There are many ways to keep our oceans clean and our wildlife safe. Learn more about reducing the use single use plastics and using the clean-up buckets that are available at Boca Raton’s Ocean Rescue stands. Thanks for doing your part!