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Apply to be a Coastal Connection Restaurant

Steps to Apply:

  1. Review the requirements for one, two, and three sea star and assess your restaurant's eligibility.
  2. When you are ready, fill out the Coastal Connection Restaurant web application.
  3. Someone from the Office of Sustainability will contact you for next steps!

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Application Questions:

Restaurant information:  Restaurant Name, address, Contact Name, Email, Phone Number:

One Sea Star

  • Does the restaurant eliminate straws, use paper straws, or offer straws only by request? (y/n)
    • Provide details on policies/practices/and products used.
  • Does the restaurant use reusable tableware for onsite dining? (y/n)
  • Does the restaurant have only non-plastic take away containers and bags, no expanded polystyrene, and offer plastic cutlery only by request?
    • Provide details on the materials of the take-away containers and bags
  • Does the restaurant regularly offer sustainable food choices?
    • Describe how the restaurant meets this requirement and/or provide a link to your menu.

Two sea stars

  • Does the restaurant provide environmental education for staff or customers?
    • Describe the messaging or signage used.
  • Does the restaurant recycle?
    • Describe the recycling program. Include the waste streams recycled, location or bins, and training provided to staff.
  • Does the restaurant employ water and energy conservation techniques?
    • Describe the fixtures, features, or behaviors used.

Three sea stars

  • Has the restaurant installed light fixtures which reduce sky glow?
    • Describe how light pollution is reduced.
  • Does the restaurant serve only “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” seafood? (If the restaurant does not serve seafood, click yes)
  • Does the restaurant have strategies in place to reduce food waste?
    • Describe the strategy

Other comments

Does the restaurant have in place any other waste reduction or environmental practices that should be noted?