Tutoring Policy

The Boca Raton Public Library provides quality library services and resources necessary to meet the educational, recreational, cultural, business, and other information needs of Library Users.

Library Premises shall not be used for paid or unpaid tutoring, test preparation, college application advising, or writing/editing services (“Tutoring”) in any manner that substantially interferes with Library programs or the delivery of services by Library staff, or that substantially interferes with other Library User’s ability to utilize the Library. To the extent Tutoring can be provided without such interference, the following rules must be followed:

  • The exchange of money or other incentives for Tutoring services while on Library Premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Tutors may not publish or distribute advertisements or letters identifying the Library as their place of business or imply Library sponsorship of their activities.
  • Tutors may not solicit Library Users on Library Premises.
  • Tutors may not work with more than one student at a time in any area of the Library other than a study room or a rented meeting room. 
  • A tutor may not use more than one study room or public computer at a time. Tutors may not rotate multiple students in and out of Library spaces.
  • The Library does not sponsor, recommend, or assume liability or responsibility for the work and/or activities of the tutors and students who use Library Premises.
  • Tutors, students, and Parents/Caretakers must comply with existing policies governing behavior in the Library, including the Library Rules of Conduct.
  • Study rooms may be requested by Library cardholders, or meeting rooms may be rented for Tutoring. All Library policies and fees for use of study rooms or meeting spaces apply.
  • Tutoring is prohibited in the areas of the Library which are designated as teen-only spaces. 
  • Tutoring is prohibited in the areas of the Library which are designated as a children’s computer area, unless the Tutor is teaching a child how to use a computer.
  • Tables or other Library spaces (other than Library study rooms) cannot be reserved, nor can tutors request other Library Users to move from Library tables or other Library public spaces to accommodate a Tutoring session.
  • When using a Library table which seats more than two people, a tutor and student are required to leave one half of the table free for use by other Library Users.
  • Special accommodation requests may be submitted to the Library Manager for review and approval.

Violation of the Tutoring Policy constitutes a Level 1 offense pursuant to Section 3(y) of the Library Rules of Conduct. Library Staff shall refer to Section 6 of the Library Rules for enforcement procedures in connection with this Policy.  

All capitalized terms not defined in this policy shall have the meanings set forth in the Library Rules of Conduct.

Adoption and Effective Date

This policy was adopted by the City of Boca Raton on July 1, 2022. This policy shall be effective immediately and shall supersede any other Tutoring Policy.