Permit History

If you are looking for permit history on an address, please visit our Building Permit historical site. This will provide you a history of all permits up till 2/13/2023.  When entering the address on the historical site if your street name is numerical, please only enter the number. Example - 200 NW 2ND AVE should be entered as 200 NW 2 AVE.

Active permits from 2016 with the most updated results can be found on our new permitting website, eHub.

 If you are looking for an open or closed permit on a property, there is a $150 fee for this request. The formal search results are provided on a city letterhead and are used, in most cases, to complete real estate transactions.  This can be submitted through our JUST FOIA portal to complete a Public Records Request.

 If you would like a complete permit history from the construction/annexation date to present, or copies of specific permits, plans, documents please submit a Public Records Request.