2022 - 2023 Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Workshop 2022

On May 31 and June 1, 2022, the City hosted a strategic planning workshop that was facilitated by Julia Novack of Raftelis. Held in-person at 6500 North Congress Avenue, the workshop was open to the public and included:

  • A review of the City’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. (SWOT Analysis)
  • Confirmation of the City’s vision, mission, and strategic goals which will serve as the foundation of the City’s Strategic Plan
    • Boca Raton’s Vision: “Boca Raton- a beautiful, prosperous, safe, and vibrant coastal community”
    • Boca Raton’s Mission: “Responsibly providing outstanding services to enhance our unique quality of life.”
    • Strategic Goals
      • Goal #1 Financially Sound City
      • Goal #2 World Class Municipal Services
      • Goal #3 Strong Partnership with the Community
      • Goal #4 Vibrant and Sustainable City

This year's sessions were recorded and can be watched online:

View the Strategic Planning Workshop Agenda for the full schedule.

Updates on the previous year's goals, as well as accomplishments, highlights and emerging projects and initiatives were discussed. The City Council then reviewed and ranked their priorities to give staff clear direction.

Quarterly Updates: 2022-2023 Strategic Plan