Improvements and Closures

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Temporary Projects and Closures

All temporary projects and closures taking place in our parks and facilities are listed here. Temporary projects or closures that are no longer visible indicate that they have been completed or resolved. If you have additional questions please contact us at

Boca Raton Golf and Racquet Club

  • 9/6/23 - Back 9 will be closed for aerification of greens, tees and fairways. 

Countess DeHoernle Park

  • 6/12/23 - Fencing is being installed at the east and west ends of the soccer fields. The soccer fields remain open. 

South Beach Park Playground

  • 09/14/23 - The playground near the pavilion will be temporarily closed as maintenance is being performed. It is anticipated that the playground will re-open on 10/2/23.

Red Reef Executive Golf Course

  • 09/19/23 - Course closed for aerification of greens, tees and fairways on 09/25/23.

The Swim Center

  • 9/6/23 - Women's locker room will be closed from Sept 25-29 (The men's locker room and family restrooms will be open at this time)
  • 9/6/23 - Both family restrooms will be closed Oct 2-3 (The women's and men's locker rooms will be open at this time)

Improvement Projects

Below you will find a comprehensive list of Departmental Projects happening in our parks and facilities. We update their status monthly and break down their stages as follows: Planning, design, permitting and construction. 
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

  1. Boca Raton Golf & Racquet Club

Boca Raton Golf & Racquet Club Improvements

  • 2/1/21 - Project inception. On-going projects.
  • 6/6/23 - Sod amendment is pending further investigation by Municipal. The PO for the design WO #2 was issued on 6/6.
  • 7/6/23 - The architect has prepared new work orders for the building and site designs. Those WO's are under review.
  • 8/7/23 - Design WO's are still in review. Carpet replacement scheduled for the week of 8/7/23.
  • 9/5/23 - Carpet has been replaced, sod replacement is scheduled for 10/1/23.
  1. Countess DeHoernle Park
  1. Gumbo Limbo Nature Center
  1. Lake Wyman / James A. Rutherford
  1. Nature Preserves
  1. Patch Reef Park
  1. Red Reef Park
  1. Spanish River Boulevard
  1. Spanish River Park
  1. Swim & Racquet Center
  1. Gopher Tortoise / Rosemary Ridge
  1. Lifeguard Tower Replacement