Setting Up Your Account

Begin by opening the portal. Use the following link:

You may also visit the City’s website, City of Boca Raton, then select “Services”, and select “Business Tax.” 

1. Select “Login or Register” then select “Register Here”  


2. Enter your email address and select "Next".

ATTENTION:  When you create your account, it is critical that you use your email address that is currently used to receive correspondence and invoices or that you will be using to receive correspondence and invoices. If you currently have a Business Tax Receipt and are unsure what email address is currently used, please phone us at (561) 393-7937 to confirm before starting the registration process.

3. Go to your email account that you just entered in Step 2 and search for the email from Open the email and select “Confirm

Be sure to check your Junk, Clutter, Spam or Trash mailboxes, if you do not see the email in your mailbox.

4. You will be taken back to the portal to complete the Registration Process.  a. Username:  Enter your selected username.(This can be the registered email address). Be sure to write this down.

b. Password:  Create a password with at least one digit ('0'-'8') and one uppercase ('A'-'Z'). Be sure to write this down.

c. Confirm Password: Retype the same password you typed in step 1b. 

d. Select checkbox of “I’m not a robot,” answer any verification items.

e. Select "Next" 

5. Enter the requested information and select “Next”.

6. Enter the information related to where you would like us to mail all correspondence for the business and select “Submit”.      Please note: For some businesses, this may be the same as the street address of the business, an address of a main office, a post office box or a home address.

a) “Address Line 1” is the street number of the mailing address

b) “Pre Direction” is used when applicable

c) “Address Line 2” is the name of the street

d) “Street Type” use the dropdown and make your selection

e) “Post Direction” is used when applicable

f) “Unit Or Suit” is used when applicable

g) “City” 

h) “State” 

i) “Postal Code” 

j) “County” 

k) “Address Type” please select “Mailing” from the drop down

7. When you arrive back at the portal, you have successfully completed the registration process.