The Citizen Self Service Dashboard provides the ability for users to see a visual representation of aggregated data related to information of permits, plans, inspections, invoices and “Licenses”, also known as Business Tax Receipts.  

ATTENTION: In the State of Florida, a Business Tax Receipt is not a license. In several places, the program uses the word “License” in place of the words “Business Tax Receipt.

The dashboard gives you the option to see many items, for Business Tax Receipts, scroll to the bottom and you will see information about your Business Tax Receipt (My Licenses).  If this is the first time you are on the dashboard, you will not have anything listed.  For those returning to the dashboard with an existing Business Tax Receipt, you will see something like the image below.

Selecting the "(Expires In Days (999+)" or "BTR # (No. BTR-001974)" will take you to the Business Tax Receipt main screen. 

The Printer Icon will be available when the BTR has been issued. 

This will allow the user to print their Business Tax Receipt / Certificate of Use.