Applying for a New Business Tax Receipt



 1. From the top tool bar, select "Apply." Ehub banner apply

2. Next, select "Business Tax Receipt Application (BTR)." The screen will update to look like the image below:

3. You will need to review the application types and descriptions to determine which application best fits your business and then select the "Apply" button next to the appropriate application.

Apply button

4. Using the drop down arrow next to "Select Company Type," select the appropriate type of business for which you are applying. Your choice must correspond to the filing with the State of Florida Division of Corporations. If you did not create a corporation and are using your given legal name, choose “Sole Proprietorship":

5. Select the “+” sign and the page will update to the image below: 

6. In this section you will be asked to enter the Business Location.

NOTE: The system only displays addresses that are within the City of Boca Raton.  If the address does not appear in the search, you should confirm the official / approved address before proceeding. If still unable to search and find your business location, please contact us at to have the address added to the system. 

7. Once you have selected the “+” icon, the page will update to the image below. You will now enter the address in the search box and select the magnifying glass or press enter on the keyboard. If you have entered an approved address for the property within the City limits, you will be able to select the correct business location.



8. Select the “Add” button on the screen. The screen will update to the page below:

 9. A mailing address can be added from the dropdown menu. Please review the LOCATIONS instructions. Select “Next” and the page will update to the image below:

a. Enter the Company Name exactly as it appears on your Division of Corporations Registration (Sunbiz) or your given legal name.

b. Describe in detail the nature of the Business for which you are applying for (incomplete descriptions will delay the review process).

c. Enter any Fictitious Name you have filed with the State of Florida, Division of Corporations. 

d. Use the drop-down and select the location type of the business.

e. Enter the business Tax ID / FEIN - this field is required: SS# will not be accepted.

f. Enter your professional classification: “Attorney, Accountant, Barber, CPA, Cosmetology Salon, General Contractor, Real Estate Agent, etc.” 

10. Complete the required fields and select "Next"

11. On the CONTACTS page the registered user will pre-populate as a contact. You will need to add the REQUIRED contact by clicking on “+”.  Note: Only (1) licensed professional per application will be processed. 

12. After selecting “+” the page will update to the image below: 

13. Enter the contact’s name to be added in the SEARCH box and click on the magnifying glass icon.

If the contact is in our system, then you can add them be selecting the "Add" button from the action column.

If the contact is NOT in our system, then you will need to add them manually by selecting the "Enter Manually" tab and complete the *required contact details and click "Submit."

14. Click "Submit" when the CONTACT details have been entered.

15. The CONTACT page will update – click "Next."     

16. Select “Next” and the page will update to a page similar to the page below (this will vary based on the initial application type that was selected).


17. Complete the BUSINESS INFO and all required fields.

18. Select "Next" and the page will update to the page in the image below (this will vary based on the initial application type that was selected).

For New Applications please to attach: (Federal / State / County License, Division of Corporations Filing, Palm Beach County Application, Site plan (Food Services).
19. Upload any supporting PDF document(s) by selecting “+” on "Add Attachment." You may add additional documents by clicking on the “Select Type” in the drop down, the PDF document type you are attaching, and then “+” to select the document to upload from your computer. When all documents are attached,  click on the  "Next"      button. 

NOTE: Prior to uploading documents you may SAVE DRAFT and return to complete the application from your dashboard DRAFTS at a later time.

20. The signature page will appear where you will complete as indicated below.

21. Click "Next" to load the review and submit page.

22. Review the information on the page is correct. If corrections are needed, please use the "Back" button at the bottom of the page to move back through the application. Once you have confirmed the information is correct, you can now click "Submit" to finalize the application.


23. A confirmation page will appear which confirms you application was successfully submitted. Now select "Continue" to license.

Here you will find your Business Tax Number and details related to the application that was submitted. The application process is completed.