Business Tax Renewal and Invoice Payment Instructions


  • Log into your Boca EHUB account
  • Select DASHBOARD
  • Scroll to the bottom of page to find your BTR to renew 
  • Click RENEW on the BTR






  • The RENEW option will only be available if the BTR is ready to renew.
  • If the BTR is not ready to renew, click on the BTR number to review the BTR details


  • After selecting the RENEW option the page will update a similar page above for review only.
  • Please review the affirmation notice at the bottom of the page.
  • Click NEXT




  • Please read the affirmation notice before continuing.
  • Please read the instructions regarding the required documentation
  • This page will vary based on your application type
  • Click on the + icon to add your Professional License or Sunbiz


  • Once the document(s) is uploaded, Click NEXT 
  • Only the required document has been uploaded
  • Continuing affirms the statement on this page


  • The page will update to the REVIEW & SUBMIT page
  • Once you have reviewed the data and the estimated fees, click SUBMIT
  • Use the BACK button if needed (you will only be able to update the documents submitted)
  • Any changes to the business such as address, ownership, square footage will require a new application


Payment Instructions