Rain Barrels

In Florida, nearly 50% of residential water use occurs outside, much of that for landscape irrigation. There are many ways to conserve water in your landscape, such as using Florida Friendly Landscaping. One additional method is to use rain barrels.

What is a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are containers that catch rainwater, typically from roofs or other surfaces that would otherwise pool or run off the property. The water collected in the barrels can be used to water gardens or indoor plants, reducing the need to use tap water for those purposes. 

Why and When to Use a Rain Barrel

  • Reduce tap water usage by storing rain water for dry times. 
  • Use the rain barrel water to irrigate plants that don't get rainwater, such as containers on porches or indoor plants.
  • Rain barrel water can be used for washing tools, vehicles, or other outdoor items.

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