Direct Citations

Minimum Civil Penalty for Direct Citations

Resolution 163-2018 (PDF)

Schedule of Minimum Civil Penalties for Violations Enforced Pursuant to Section 9-60, Code of Ordinances

Code Section 
Minimum Civil Penalty 
Sec. 4-2Hours of Operation$250.00
Sec. 5-39Number of Dogs & Cats Restricted$50.00
Sec. 7-26Florida Fire Prevention Code - Chapter 14 (Means of Egress inside a building or structure)$250.00
Sec. 7-26Florida Fire Prevention Code - Chapter 18 (Fire Department access, roads, fire lanes)$150.00
Sec. 10-1Maintenance of Lots, Structures$50.00
Sec. 10-27Litter, Untended Vegetation and Stagnant Water- Prohibited, Declared Public Nuisance$50.00
Sec. 10-54Creation of excessive noise unlawful$150.00
Sec. 10-55Noise from buildings or premises$100.00
Sec. 10-60(1)Animal Noises$25.00

Sec. 10-118Storing, parking, or leaving on private property (wrecked or inoperable vehicles)$75.00
Sec. 13-1Distribution of Handbills, Other Printed Material $50.00
Sec. 14-7Solid Waste Precollection Procedures$25.00
Sec. 14-20Prohibited Activities (Solid Waste) $50.00
Sec. 14-20(5)Prohibited Activities (Solid Waste), with respect only to canals, lakes, and other bodies of water $100.00
Sec. 18-46Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Required to Operate a Taxicab or Limousine$100.00
Sec. 19-168Impact of Construction$150.00
Sec. 19-169Site Debris (Construction)$50.00
Sec. 19-170Site Debris & Material Hurricane Declaration Warning$500.00
Sec. 24-6Unlawful Signs, Sign Structures$25.00
Sec. 25-255Personal Property Permitted in Swale Areas; Standards for Placement$25.00
Sec. 28-720(d)Outdoor Storage of Any Kind in the NCB Zoning District$50.00
Sec. 28-721Conformance with Requirements for Retail and Business Uses in the NCB Zoning District$50.00
Sec. 28-1266Downtown Development of Regional Impact Regulations$50.00
Sec. 28-1311Garage Sales$150.00
Sec. 28-1328Emission or Creation of Noise, Vibration, Smoke, Dust or Other Particulate Matter, Toxic or Noxious Waste Materials, Odors, Fire and Explosive Hazard or Glare$75.00
Sec. 28-1507Parking, Storage, Keeping of Certain Vehicles$50.00
Sec. 28-1509Parking in Residential Districts - Parking on Grass, Unscreened Recreational Vehicle, Boat or Trailer$50.00
Sec. 28-1532Outdoor Display of Merchandise$50.00
Sec. 28-1651Unlawful Elimination of Required Parking or Landscaping $100.00