Home Security Tips

A home burglary takes place in the U.S. about every 15 seconds. Criminals select their targets based on opportunity. You can reduce this opportunity by making your house less inviting to potential criminals.


  • Keep foliage low around windows and doors
  • Make sure house numbers are visible from the street and are illuminated so emergency personnel can find your house
  • Trim low hanging tree branches and keep bushes and shrubs to no more than 3 feet tall
  • Vegetation should be trimmed to eliminate hiding spots
Large House


Lighting is a valuable deterrent. Make sure the exterior of your home is equipped with photoelectric lights or lights with motion detectors, placed well out of reach so it is less likely to be disabled. Keep at least 1 interior light on whether you are at home or away. If you are away, arrange to have your mail and/or newspapers collected by a trusted neighbor or have the delivery stopped.

Doors & Windows

All exterior doors, including the interior garage door, should be solid core construction and equipped with quality deadbolt locks and reinforced strike plates. Install a peephole to observe visitors without opening the door and never open your door to someone you don't know. Use auxiliary locks and solid wood sticks in the tracks of all windows and sliding glass doors. Keep exterior doors and windows locked, even when you are at home.


Choose a reputable alarm company. Ensure that all magnetic contacts, motion sensors, and glass break detectors are in proper working order. Have your alarm system tested annually by a certified technician.

If you see suspicious people or unusual occurrences in your neighborhood, call police immediately at 561-368-6201 or in an emergency, 911.