Police / Firefighters Retirement System


The City of Boca Raton Police and Firefighters’ Retirement System is a single-employer defined benefit plan administered by an eight member Board of Trustees which covers all City of Boca Raton, Florida police officers and firefighters. The Plan was established by Ordinance 1806, adopted April 17, 1973, by City Council. The Plan is also governed by Chapters 112, 175 and 185, Florida Statutes.

Board of Trustees

The pension board has four members selected by employee membership and four members appointed by the City Council. Each Trustee serves a two year term:

Elected Trustees

  • Darryl Kingman, Chairman - Police
  • Matthew White, Secretary - Police
  • Neil Duffy - Fire
  • Francisco Ramirez - Fire

Appointed Trustees

  • Russell Chisholm
  • John Girard, Vice Chairman
  • Paul Lawless
  • Matthew Welhaf