Beach Permits

Car with surfboards on roof driving on A1A by beach

Beach Permit holders gain access to parking and facilities at:

Permits are valid starting October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023.

Annual Permit Pricing

City of Boca Raton & Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District residents may purchase an annual permit for Spanish River, Red Reef and South Beach Parks. Palm Beach County residents may purchase an annual permit for South Beach Park only.

  • Beach Permit - $75 (fees are not prorated) - Beach permits are for class one vehicles ONLY

Please Note: Beach permits are NOT VALID at METERED PARKING SPACES throughout the city. Meters must be paid.

Daily Beach Entry

  • Daily beach entry class one vehicle  - $35
  • Daily beach entry class two vehicle - $80
  • An additional $30 daily entrance fee is required for any trailers attached to any vehicle


City beaches are open 8am - sunset (Red Reef Beach 8am - 10pm). Beachfront parks and parking lots are open 8am - sunset for permit holders and patrons paying the daily rates.

Please note: Although you have a Boca Raton address, it doesn't necessarily mean you live in the City limits. Parts of Boca Raton are considered to be in unincorporated Palm Beach County and are serviced by the County. Check out the City limits map to see if you're within the City's boundaries.

Purchase or Renew Permit

For information on how to purchase a new permit or renew your current permit, visit the Purchase or Renew Permits page.