Backflow Prevention Program

One of the goals of the Utility Services Department is to ensure everyone in Boca Raton receives safe drinking water. Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of a liquid, gas, or other substance in a potable water distribution piping system as a result of a cross-connection. Potable water services for properties where certain types of activities occur are required to have backflow prevention devices installed, maintained, and tested in order to protect the public water supply from contamination or pollution due to backflow or back-siphonage.

Back-siphonage is a type of backflow where the upstream pressure to a piping system is reduced to a subatmospheric pressure. Utilizing backflow prevention devices prevents backflow or back-siphonage from occurring.
Backflow Device

City Code

City of Boca Raton Code of Ordinances Article VI. - Cross-Connection and Backflow Protection establishes the City's Cross-Connection Control And Backflow Protection Policy.  Customers help ensure the safety of our water by complying with the annual inspection requirements for their backflow prevention devices.  More detailed information is found in the City of Boca Raton Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention Policy which can be obtained by contacting Kara Mills at 561-338-7306 or email:     

Submitting Test Results

Results of the required annual inspection must be submitted online to Backflow Solutions Inc. (BSI). The City of Boca Raton has contracted with BSI to manage the administrative tasks of the backflow inspection program. BSI will serve as the primary point of contact for backflow inspection information within the City of Boca Raton and can be contacted at 800-414-4990 or through their website. The Utility Services Department is responsible for managing the program, enforcement actions, and billing.

Facilities Requiring a Backflow Device

Below is a list of facilities that require a backflow device. This list is presented as a guideline and is not to be construed as encompassing all commercial properties requiring a backflow device.                                            
Automotive Repair Nursing Homes
Buildings Over 3 Stories Paint and Body Shop
Carwash Facilities Petroleum/Fuel Stations
Concrete Facilities Piers/Docks
Dentist/Doctor Offices Potable water connections for construction use
Exterminating Companies Reuse/reclaimed water
Fire hydrant meters Restaurants
Hospitals/Medical Facilities          Schools
Irrigation Systems Veterinary Establishments
Laundry and Dry Cleaning  Waterfront Facility
Marine/Boat Engine Repair Premises where there is an auxiliary water system:
- Canals
- Lakes
- Wells