About Walking

Walking is a popular and healthy way for pedestrians of all ages to keep in shape. However, it is important that pedestrians be responsible for their own safety, as accidents can occur anywhere.  Most child-age pedestrian accidents occur in the same neighborhood where the child lives, and these injuries result from children often having difficulty determining sound, distance, and location, in addition to a lack of knowledge of complex traffic rules.  As such, it is important that all pedestrians, young and old, practice good habits, such as walking on sidewalks and crossing streets at crosswalks. The Florida Department of Transportation provides resources that help pedestrians learn about and practice safe walking habits.

Boca Raton is committed to promoting and encouraging walking as a safe, economical, environmentally friendly, and health-conscious mode of transportation that is a viable and convenient alternative to the automobile through the expansion of facilities, services, and programs that promote walking. The City is actively working to install and maintain pedestrian and school crossing signs, sidewalks, and crosswalks. The City also provides funding for sidewalks as determined by the City Manager to promote pedestrian safety and/or to increase accessibility through American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Such sidewalks are installed by the city and the costs are assessed against the abutting properties.

For more information on the City’s sidewalk policy see Section 23-162 of the Code of Ordinances, or to request a sidewalk, fill out a sidewalk request form.