Friendly Competition 

Enjoy the physical and social benefits of friendly competition. Various levels of workouts are provided at every practice. The program is for adults ages 18 and older.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


  • Morning Masters: 5:30am - 7am
  • Evening Masters: 5:30pm - 7pm

Cost Per Session for Morning Masters 

  • Residents: $65
  • Non-residents: $81.25

Cost Per Session for Evening Masters 

  • Residents: $65
  • Non-residents: $81.25

Session Months 

  • Session 1: January and February (at Meadows Park Pool)
  • Session 2: March and April (at Meadows Park Pool)
  • Session 3: May and June (PM at The Swim Center)
  • Session 4: July and August (PM at The Swim Center)
  • Session 5: September and October (at Meadows Park Pool)
  • Session 6: November and December (at Meadows Park Pool)


Additional Information

Please note that the pool is closed every 1st Monday of the month due to super chlorination. As a result, there are no make-up dates at this time.

Patrons must select either the morning or evening times, but not a combination of both.

Paid Morning Masters may attend up to 5 free practices per session with the Evening Masters group. Paid Evening Masters may attend up to 5 free practices per session with the Morning Masters group.

  1. Meadows Park Pool

    Physical Address
    1300 NW 8th Street
    Boca Raton, FL 33486


    Phone: 561-393-7851