Car Washing

City, county and state governments know that car washing has always been a favorite fundraiser for sports teams, scout troops, schools and other non-profit groups. Due to the low capital investment costs, car wash fundraisers can generate significant amounts of profit. For the last ten years government agencies have been working with local car washes to come up with solutions to clean up our water. Today, the waterways of America are significantly cleaner than they were in the past even though many regions are more heavily populated.

Best Management Practices

The City of Boca Raton suggests that you follow some of the following Best Management Practices for car wash fundraisers or for washing your car at home. Your goal should be not to let any water containing soap to enter any storm drain.
  • Block off the storm drain. Try to wash the cars at the highest point, hopefully a flat surface area.
  • Select a site where the cars can be driven onto grass or gravel after washing. This way soapy water can then filter through vegetation and soil before entering ground water or running off into the drainage ditch or storm drain.
  • Block off the storm drains and pump leftover waste water onto the grass or into the planters thereby watering the landscaping. Let most of the water evaporate before pumping so you don’t overflow the planters.
  • Pick a location where water runs off into a field or landscape directly after the pavement ends.