Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)

The primary function of maintenance of traffic (MOT) is to provide safe and efficient movement of vehicles, bicyclist, and pedestrians through and around temporary traffic control zones while protecting workers and equipment.

Planning a Special Event?

Those planning a special event within public right-of-way must obtain a special event permit per Section 25-5 (1) which can be obtained from Development Services Building Department by phone at 561-393-7930. A MOT plan will be required if your event will effect traffic within the City.

Traffic Enforcement

The Police Services Department
will, upon request, provide speed, parking, stop sign, signal, radar trailer, and school zone enforcement within the City.  For requests call the Police Services Traffic Hot Line at 561-338-1242 and leave your name and telephone number.

Development Services Code Enforcement Division will respond to complaints regarding parking and vehicular / pedestrian sight distance obstructions.  For requests, call the Code Enforcement Division at 561-393-7934.

Other Agency Contacts

The Following is a list of City Staff and agency contacts, which can assist you with your Road closure permits and MOTs for City County and State roadways:

  1. Traffic Division

    Physical Address
    2500 NW 1st Avenue
    Boca Raton, FL 33432


Orange cones closing off a lane with a lit arrow sign pointing left, as cars pass the closed lane.
Mobile speed detector, with a "Speed Limit 30" sign and screen which displays passing vehicle