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We're pleased to announce WeissRatings Medicare Supplement Insurance Buyers Guide is now available through the BRPL website. This customizable, easy-to-use guide is written in clear, understandable language to give you sound advice on difficult decisions about Medicare and the many options for Supplement Insurance.

•    Learn what Medicare does and does not cover

•    See your options and pick a Medigap plan that’s right for your needs

•    Compare prices for each plan, to potentially save thousands of dollars

•    Locate the best insurers and find an authorized agent

We’ve enhanced our digital content while the library is closed: Library Edition - now available from home.

Freegal Music - daily streaming limits removed. Stream music 24 hour a day.

Kanopy Streaming - monthly borrowing limit increased to 15.

Hoopla - monthly borrowing limit increased to 12.

Video tutorials are available on demand for many of our digital services and research databases.

Access them by clicking on the "Video Tutorials" link on the blue menu bar on the left or below.

Try our new genealogy tool - MyHeritage Library Edition

Available from home and in the library, MyHeritage Library EditionTM is one of the largest, most internationally diverse genealogy databases of its kind in the world. It includes billions of historical documents from more than 48 countries, millions of historical photos, public records, indexes, and additional resources. Find it under our Online Resources link.