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Posted on: August 19, 2019

#2020Census - What Residents Should Know

United States Census 2020

Every 10 years, the US Census Bureau undertakes a tremendous task: counting all the people residing in the United States. This count affects the allocation of funding for our community's public resources (e.g., roads, hospitals, schools), how we plan for the future and our voice in government. Efforts for the census are currently underway with Census takers conducting in-field address canvassing. You may see them in your neighborhood for a few different reasons:

  • They are verifying addresses in preparation for the census.
  • They are collecting responses to the census or another survey.
  • They are dropping off census materials.
  • They are conducting quality checks on the census.

If you are visited by someone from the U.S. Census Bureau, here are some tips to assure the validity of the field representative:

  • Census takers must present an ID badge that includes a photograph of the field representative, a Department of Commerce watermark, and an expiration date.
  • Note that census workers may be carrying a Census Bureau phone or a laptop as well as a bag with a Census Bureau logo.
  • If you still have questions, call 800-923-8282 to speak with a local Census Bureau representative. You can also search for an agent's name in the Census Bureau's online staff directory.

For more information on the address canvassing process and the 2020 Census, visit the City's 2020 Census page. 

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