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Posted on: June 9, 2021

Working Toward a Sustainable Future

Sustainability Action Plan

In case you missed it, there are many new and exciting initiatives coming out of the Office of Sustainability. These initiatives are all products of the City's Sustainability Action Plan that was released in 2019. The plan included recommendations to conduct a variety of assessments to create baselines to determine future actions and measure progress. 

Waste Reduction Ordinance

The Sustainability Action Plan includes a section on waste reduction, calling for a reduction in litter and plastic pollution. The City Council took steps toward these goals by recently passing Ordinance 5580 Waste Reduction at the June 8th City Council meeting. The ordinance prohibits the following:

The City is in of the process of updating regulations and policies for events and facility rentals to reflect these goals. Additionally, the City will provide public information and resources on alternatives and ideas that will assist in working toward a sustainable future. 

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

One of the first assessments to be completed for the Sustainability Action Plan was the City’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory, released in April of 2020. The GHG inventory highlights the major sources of greenhouse gases for both City operations and the community and can help the City to focus GHG reduction actions for the highest impact. Learn more...

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

The second assessment, which will be released this month, was a regional Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA) conducted as part of the Coastal Resilience Partnership. The partnership is made up of the County and seven municipalities for the purpose of addressing the shared challenges presented by climate change. The final report will be available soon at  Learn more...

Tree Canopy Assessment

The third assessment, currently underway, is an assessment of the City’s tree canopy which is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021. The goal of the study is to map the land cover and extent of urban trees in very close detail and understand how canopy is distributed across the city. Learn more...

For more information on the assessments, the Waste Reduction ordinance, and other sustainability topics visit

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