Building Permits


200 NW 2nd Avenue
Boca Raton, FL 33432



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Monday to Friday 8am-4:00pm except Wednesday 8am-3pm

Name Title Email Phone
DiNorscio, Michael Building Official 561-393-7961
Bendavid, Andre Assistant Building Official 561-393-7894
James, Neha Permitting Manager 561-544-8523

Division Chiefs 

Name Title Email Phone
Solenski , Gerald Chief Structural Inspector 561-393-7834
Hamilton, Mark Chief Electrical Inspector 561-393-7947
Green, Jesse Chief Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector 561-393-7959

Senior Plans Examiners 

Boca Raton, FL 33432

Boca Raton, FL 33432

Name Title Email Phone
Evans, Dave Electrical Senior Plans Examiner 561-239-6601
Malanaphy, Paul Structural Senior Plans Examiner 561-393-7942

Building Inspectors 

Name Title Email Phone
Blackman, Tyrone Mechanical Inspector II 561-239-6595
Campbell, Joshua Structural Inspector I 561-213-6820
Donovan, Thomas Structural Inspector II 561-239-6597
Dukes, David Mechanical Inspector III 561-212-0070
Fields, Charles Plumbing Inspector 561-617-6289
Gerov, Miguel Building Inspector I 561-334-6445
Herrera, Ben Structural Inspector III 561-239-6602
Jurgens, Timothy Mechanical Inspector II 561-393-7768
MacDonald, Dan Electrical Inspector 561-239-9772
Maiale, Lawrence Structural Inspector II 561-430-7329
March, Arne Electrical Inspector II 561-239-8388
Marshall, Richard Electrical inspector II 561-334-6455
Neus, Ronald Plumbing Inspector I 561-213-5473
Rogers, Christopher Structural Inspector II 561-221-3352
Shamir, Amit Electrical Inspector 561-212-1371
Tamayo, Julian Structural Inspector I 561-213-3646
Tcheou, Jeff Building Inspector I 561-239-6596
Urbanek, James Structural Inspector 561-239-6590