Will BGT residents be annexed into the City?

City Council could direct staff to move forward with annexation. However, a preliminary analysis provided to the BGT community and City Council determined that the costs of providing public safety and other services for the BGT community and Costco would be less than the additional property taxes and other revenues, resulting in a net loss to the City.

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1. When will the golf course open at BRGRC?
2. What are the proposed rates for the golf course?
3. Will there be a nine-hole executive golf course?
4. Will BGT residents have City resident rates at the BRGRC golf course?
5. What amenities will eventually be available for use at BRGRC?
6. Will there be memberships associated with BRGRC or any of its amenities (like what was available with the former country club)?
7. Will there be additional security at the BRGRC?
8. Will there be a new entrance into BRGRC?
9. Will the City rezone BRGRC into park land?
10. Will BGT residents be annexed into the City?
11. How can I get more information regarding the BRGRC and the transition to City operations?