What does it mean to demonstrate commitment from leadership?

The City will run this program for six years and hopes that participants will be fully engaged from the time they join until they submit final data in 2030. To that end, it is important that there is organizational buy-in to participation. To demonstrate this, we ask that a public statement be made by the organization’s leadership committing to the goals of the program. The form that this commitment will take can vary based on organizational preference. It may be an official statement or press release, social media posts, letters to tenants, inclusion of the program logo and statement of participation on the organizational website, or another method more appropriate to the participant. The commitment itself is flexible. The organization could commit to meeting the program goal of reducing energy use by 20% or a more general statement about improving or maintaining building efficiency.

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1. What is the overall goal of the Building Energy Efficiency Program?
2. What is benchmarking?
3. Who can participate?
4. How much time will I need to commit to participate and what are the requirements for participation?
5. What does it mean to demonstrate commitment from leadership?
6. What data will be required?
7. Will the City disclose my building's ENERGY STAR Score or Energy Use Intensity?
8. What are the costs to participating in the Building Energy Efficiency Program?
9. Will buildings be required to take any actions other than reporting?
10. Our score was lower than we wanted! What steps can we take right away to improve our energy effciency?
11. Do I need to report water usage?
12. How do I obtain energy use data?
13. Can a single owner or manager participate with multiple buildings?
14. When is my property eligible for incentives? May I receive incentives on multiple properties?
15. Does the age of my building matter?
16. I already benchmark my properties in Portfolio Manager. Am I eligible to participate?
17. My property is a complex or multi-use facility that includes multiple buildings and meters. Can I participate?
18. The tenants of my building have individual meters and pay their own utility bills. Can I participate?
19. How will the program run after the initial pilot year?
20. Why does the City want to know the energy and water use of my building?
21. I've never used ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. How do I learn?