How are electronic signatures for architect's and engineer's signed sealed drawings handled?

You have two options for electronic and digital signatures, both meet the requirements of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation's applicable licensing boards. 1. Certificate-based digital signature registration: Adobe Acrobat includes a certificate signature utility that lets you sign PDA files with a certificate-based digital ID, also known as a digital signature. With Acrobat you may create your own certificate ID which the City will maintain on file for all of your permit projects. You create this certificate ID by completing a Digital Signature Affidavit form online, signing and sealing the physical form, then hand delivering or couriering to the building division. You must purchase Adobe Acrobat in order to use this option? It is highly recommended that you review the City's tutorial before creating your certificate ID.

To obtain a copy of the Digital Signature Tutorial, please contact the Building Department at 561-393-7930 or via email at

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