How do I register online for activities?
You can now RENEW your current Beach, Boat, Dog Beach, or Dog Park Permits online!

*The online renewal process can take up to 7 days to process. If you need your permit immediately, you can renew/purchase in person at one of the Community Centers. For hours and locations CLICK HERE

DIRECTIONS: To renew your permit, please log in and click the Permit Renewal tab.

Please note the following: ?You must have purchased a permit between 9/15/15 – 9/30/16
?You must have a Webtrac user name and password
(If you do not have a user name and password please CLICK HERE) ?You will only be able to renew the same type of annual permit you owned previously
?Credits: If you used a credit/receipt previously or are planning to use one toward your renewal – you must obtain a permit in person at a community center
?You must prove ownership or lease the vehicle that you will be using with the permit

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2. How do I register online for activities?
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