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1. This is my first time attending an event at Mizner Park Amp, what should I know?
2. Who can use the amphitheater?
3. What is the first step I take if I'm interested in renting the amphitheater?
4. I lost something at the amphitheater. Who can I contact about any items that lost or found?
5. Can I purchase tickets through the City, or at an on site box office?
6. What do I do if it rains?
7. What am I allowed / not allowed to bring inside the amphitheater?
8. If the event is cancelled and I have a ticket, who do I contact?
9. I am coming to the amphitheater for a concert. Can I bring my chair in?
10. Where can I park?
11. What is the Labyrinth on the clocktower?