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1. BEACHES | Are beaches and beach parks open in Boca Raton?
2. BUILDING | Is the City's Building Department still conducting inspections?
3. BUILDING | Is the City's Building Department open?
4. BUILDING | Can I drop off new permits at the City's Building Department drop box with plans?
5. BUILDING | How do I make payments to the Building Department?
6. BUSINESSES | My business was impacted by COVID-19, are there resources available?
7. CITY COUNCIL | Are CRA, City Council Workshops and City Council meetings being held?
8. FACIAL COVERINGS | Am I required to wear facial coverings?
9. MORTGAGE, RENTAL & UTILITIES ASSISTANCE | Can Boca Raton residents get financial assistance for mortgage, rent and utilities?
10. PARKS & RECREATION | Are parks and recreational facilities open?
11. POLICE | Is the Police Department open?
12. POLICE | Is the Police Department doing VIN checks, car seat checks or fingerprinting?
13. POLICE | How do I get a copy of my police report?
14. TESTING | Where is the nearest COVID-19 testing site?
15. UTILITY | Does COVID-19 impact my water/wastewater?
16. UTILITY | How do I get my water turned off at the meter so I can do a repair?
17. UTILITY | I’m moving in/moving out, how do I get my water turned on/off?
18. UTILITY | Who do I contact about my water bill?
19. VACCINE | Where can I find the most recent information on Vaccine distribution?