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1. My residence is not located in the City limits according to your map. Can I still apply?
2. My hardship is not related to COVID-19. Can I still apply?
3. What is considered a financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic?
4. I am not behind on my payments, but am unable to pay for my current month’s rent or mortgage payment due to COVID-19. Can I still apply?
5. Can I apply for future payments?
6. Can I apply for more assistance from your CDBG-CV program in the future if I need it?
7. Can I request assistance for my electricity account or my association dues only?
8. Can I apply for assistance if I have already received assistance from your CRF program, or other area programs?
9. Do I include income that my minor child receives in my household income calculation?
10. Do I include unemployment benefits in my income calculation?
11. Which assets should I include when calculating the household asset amount?
12. Does a person have to be a citizen or permanent resident alien to receive assistance?
13. I am filling out the application on my phone and cannot get past the first screen to input my Parcel Control Number. How do I move on to the next page?